Oakham Foodstore

Client: Midlands Co-operative Society
Total Project Cost:
£4.5 million
Gross Floor Area: approximately 3120 sq. m
Service: Mechanical & Electrical Building Services Design
Awards: CIBSE Commissioning Project of the Year 2011

Project Details:

The new Foodstore has many environmental features including that it is highly insulated, it uses natural ventilation and passive cooling in the store and café area, it uses a solar water heating system to preheat the domestic hot water, it has a sedum living roof which reduces solar gain to the structure as well as offering a high level of insulation to the fabric of the property, it has a rain water recovery system that uses rain water for flushing through toilets, it uses recovered heat from the store’s refrigeration system and extract air systems to heat the building and has underfloor heating to the sales area (believed to be the first time that this form of heating has been utilised in a store of this type).

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